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Aristotelous Square Rent a Car

Aristotelous Square is one of the main squares of Thessaloniki and one of the city's symbols, a place for political gatherings and various artistic events.

Ensure a rental car from Car Hellas Rent A Car and start at Aristotelous Square, tour the center and the districts of Thessaloniki, with its rich sights and vibrancy.

Aristotelous Square was created in the framework of the urban regeneration of Thessaloniki after the fire of 1917, designed by the French architect and city planner Ernest Empar with its main axis perpendicular to the sea and galleries with new Byzantine features.

Today, the square and its north to Egnatia, Aristotle Street, show many of the Venetian, Byzantine and Arabic elements envisioned by Empar, although there have been many simplifications and modifications.

In the same architectural style, forming a single unit with the square, Aristotelous Street, is in fact an elongated square with many shops and cafes.

With your rental car at Car Hellas Rent A Car explore the whole area and discover the hidden charm of the city.

In the areas left and right of Aristotelous Square are the traditional shopping markets Modiano, Kapani (Vladi) and Athonos.

At the northern end of Aristotelous Street, you will see the oldest Ottoman baths and larger of Greece, the "Loutra Paradisos", which are now used as a cultural events venue, the "red church" of Panagia Chalkeon built in 1028 and the remnants of the Roman market is a place of attraction for many tourists.

Very close to Aristotelous Square there is the Ladadika area that keeps its sights in the city's entertainment.

A beautiful experience for the visitor to Aristotelous Square is the walks and the walk next to the sea of ​​Thermaikos to the port or towards the White Tower.

Enjoy your visit to Thessaloniki and unforgettable tour of the beautiful city, with the safety and comfort offered by the excellent car hire service Car Hellas Rent A Car.