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Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki, is the most reliable car rental company in Northern Greece. It has new vehicles, all categories and in simple steps you can make a reservation. With the comfort and safety offered by Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki you can get to know destinations such as: . Our friendly staff will be happy to serve you.

Thessaloniki is the largest city in Macedonia and the second largest city in Greece. The city has a renowned kitchen, a particularly high cultural level, perhaps larger than Athens, cordial residents and a unique air that you do not meet elsewhere. You can go to Thessaloniki via the airport (Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia"), via the train (Thessaloniki Railway Station), through the Thessaloniki terminal, but also by boat, since the port of Thessaloniki is connected to several Greek islands. Whichever way you decide to travel to Thessaloniki, on your arrival there will be a representative of Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki, in order to perform the rental of the vehicle you have chosen. Car hire can be arranged by Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki either from your arrival points or from the hotel you have chosen for your stay in the city.

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The center of Thessaloniki is an open museum, in every corner you will find something to admire. Start your tour of the Upper City and Pasha Gardens with their mystical breeze, a green park in which there is nothing left of the monuments built in the area. Your next stop with your rental car from Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki is Agios Dimitrios, who is the patron saint of the city and the special Byzantine architecture of the temple with the Saint's crypt will leave you speechless. Then, a little further east, you will meet the impressive Rotunda, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Galerius Arch (Kamara), where the region has now become one of the most famous student halls of the co-star.

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Visit the White Tower, the Archaeological Museum and then ride comfortably with your rental car, from Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki to the Eptapyrgiou Fortress, Geno Koule, to see one of the most beautiful sunsets overlooking the whole city. Finally, do not miss a stop at Aristotelous Square to enjoy an ice-cream ice cream and Ladadika to experience an authentic night in Thessaloniki. There has been much writing about this city, but the truth is that it is difficult to fit the "air" it exudes into some proposals. Thessaloniki hosts the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, a leading international trade fair, with an international orientation every year. Whether the reasons you visit the city are either business or tourist, Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki rent a car makes it easy for you to travel during your stay.

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Drive west and cross Abelokipi, Eosmos and Efkarpia. Get to know Ano Touba, pass through Agia Triada, by nodding distances, with your rental car from Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki and end up at New Beach for a walk along the Thermaikos. To the east you will find Harilaou, Kalamaria and we suggest that you arrive with your rental car from Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki, Epanomi for a swim in the famous sandy beach of "Navagio". If you stay several days in the city, we suggest that you make a one-day excursion with your rented vehicle from Car Hellas Rent a Car Thessaloniki to Katerini.

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The city is only 70 km away from Thessaloniki, it has a wonderful kilometer beach and many archaeological treasures. The ancient city of Dion, the sanctuary of Demeter, one of the most ancient excavations in Macedonia, the famous Platamonas castle are some of them. At the end of your tour, near the port of Katerini you can enjoy your meal overlooking the sea. The Nymph of Thermaikos has its own identity, it is bohemian, folk, traveling, relaxed, has its own aesthetics, open-hearted people, has a culture and teaches it today, and this patchwork is what distinguishes it from all the other cities of Greece . It remains to be discovered!